Miriam Chemmoss
Starting Over (Raw Piano & Accapella mix)


Live! Band Performance
The Shrine in New York

Snippets of a live performance by Miriam Chemmoss and the Tinton Groove Band, February 2014 at The Shrine in New York City.
Vocals: Miriam Chemmoss & Thierno Camara
Bass: Thierno Camara
Guitar: Jean-Michel Cohen-Solal
Drums: Daniel Bagutti
Keyboard: Antoine Chambliss
Percussion: Mbala

Miriam Chemmoss Live! Band Performance



Multi-talented artist Miriam Chemmoss hails from East-Africa.

She spent her formative years between Tanzania and Kenya where she was steeped in a potent brew of her family’s diverse African, European and Middle-Eastern cultural heritage.
As a teen, Miriam was involved in theater and music programs in every school she attended – close to 10 schools – as a result of frequent relocation due to her father’s military career. It is this unusual background and diversity that would give her the discipline and confidence to enter both solo and choral competitions during national drama and music festivals in Kenya.
In 1998 Miriam was awarded a full scholarship by Waldorf College, a liberal arts school in Forest City, Iowa. She studied Theater/Music and Media Studies (Print, Electronic and Digital), which prepared her well for the performance arts scene in Washington, DC, where she would later move in 2001 upon graduation.
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